Thursday, January 31, 2013


Right now we are watching Grizzly Man. This is my first time seeing this movie but I remember hearing about Tim's story. I admire what Tim did and what he stood for. He just wanted what was best for the grizzly bears (and the foxes). He spent a lot of his time trying to defend them from getting hunted. It is not right for people to kill these animals for their fur.

One part in the movie, a guy said that Tim got what he deserved. I believe he said that he thinks Tim was retarted. That statement got me angry. This guys who said he got what he deserved is ignorant. Tim was definitely different than most people but to say he deserved it is stupid. Tim died doing what he loved. I respect him for that.

After hearing the Alaskan (I believe he was Alaskan but I'm not sure) I think he is right. He said that we should respect the bears and they should respect us. We should keep our space. He said that Tim may have done more harm to the bears than good. After all, one bear did die because of him. But on the other hand, I think it is also fair to say that he helped defend them against hunters. I guess I could see either argument. However, I just think that it is impossible for a human to live with bears in their environment. But the bottom line is that Tim wanted what is best for the bears. I admire him for what he did and some of the film that he got. Those bears are truly beautiful animals. I love seeing wildlife like that!

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