Friday, January 25, 2013

Thoreau (Blog #3)

I enjoyed all of the viewpoints in the chapters we have been reading, but I particularly felt a connection to Thoreau.  I tend to saunter a lot and in that way relate with what he is saying because I have often pondered life and nature while walking, although I disagree that you necessarily have to think about things while you are "walking".  I am a person who likes to explore the world, and reading the text made me miss my explorations with nature.  Many friends can tell you that normally if I'm outside, I am prone to walk off and go wherever nature is drawing me, and they think I'm nuts.  I relate to his idea of being one with "wild" but only to an extent--I couldn't walk into the woods without knowing relatively where I could get out of them because I wouldn't want to get lost, and I wouldn't exactly walk into a swamp.

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