Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blog #1

I'm a little late getting to this blog posting, unfortunately, but better late than never. When thinking of my own personal "Sleepy Hollow" no one place comes to mind. I can relate to the saying "Home is Where the Heart Is" but this also poses some dificulty for me. While most of my extended family remains close to be in mileage, my immediate family doesn't. Many of my family members live 70 miles from Canada in Minnesota. Since they're there, I find a piece of home and a real appreciation of the hauntingly beautiful landscape (below is a picture of the terrain in the winter time).
Next is Ohio, Much of my extended family lives scattered throughout the state. It is familiar and comforting for this reason. I also makes up part of my "Sleepy Hollow." Below is Hyde Park, where my sister lives.
There's also Alabama. It encompasses my future and also, at the moment, my brother. Here I can appreciate the beauty of the effects of wisdom and knowledge and the architecture that arises from it.
Finally, there's Kentucky. It includes so much of who I am and has been fundamental in shaping me as an individual that I have to conclude that it consumes the largest part of my "Sleepy Hollow." From the rolling wooded hills to the stocked hay lofts, I f ind myself in every bit of it.

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