Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog 10 - the storm everyone talked about

I am going to share with you a very embarrassing story about the storm that seemed to be the hot topic last week. When the storm was at its worst, I happened to arrive at school dressed up in business attire for a presentation. Of course, I had left my umbrella at work and was out of luck for cover for my coiffed hair to protect it from the rain. By some miracle, there was a coat in the trunk of my car so I proceeded to throw it over my head effectively blinding myself. I begin to walk toward the building solely based on memory all the wild stumbling from behind hurtled around by the wind. I had gotten maybe 3 paces before my skirt was plastered to my legs and my pumps literally filled with water. I hadn't given up hope and laughed at how ridiculous I must have looked. After getting what I assumed to be half way to the building, the air began to feel different - I knew lightening was nanoseconds away. Lightening hit the ground somewhere I swear to be on Thomas More's campus. I, who have never been afraid of storms, crouched and scream for a solid 2 minutes. Thunder reverberated all around me. I finally came to my senses and realized what an idiot I looked like and proceeded to scuttle as quickly as possible in my puddle-filled shoes to the door. Reflecting on that experience, I laugh at myself but I also find amazement in the power of that natural force. It had the ability to freeze me in my tracks and fear something that I have always loved. It was wonderful, terrifying and beautiful all at once.

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