Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog 7 - Death

This is a topic not widely discussed in today's culture due to the stigma that Western culture puts on it. It is important to note that through death comes new life and that is something that I think should be aesthetically appreciated. Through the application of the scientific model of aesthetic appreciation, this beauty becomes evident. If we look at natural "disasters" of the past and see what is arising only because that happened, we can see just how wonderful they turn out to be.
Take , for example, the most recent forest fire in Yellowstone National Park. This fire wiped out a huge expanse of the park. It killed the flora and even some of the fauna. but in its wake comes something beautiful.
From the above pictured devastation comes something very beautiful. With the tall trees gone, lower plants can germinate there and start a new kind of landscape as seen below in one of the recovery photos:

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