Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog 6 - Man Made Landscapes

There is this issue in aesthetic as to whether or not man made landscapes should be appreciated on the same level as nature. If we are to appreciate them equally, there would probably be little to no movement on the conservation side in terms of aesthetics due to the equal goodness of man made things. So, are we to take all man made things as not aesthetically pleasing or should we see them as gateways to nature.
First we can look at something so blatantly man made that there is almost no way to see any connection to nature: a city:
In this image, we see the use of lights and technology to illuminate something that could only be made by man. How could this possibly be compared to nature and how can it help us to appreciate the nature we connect it to? If we try to ignore the glaring lights and possible haze of pollution surrounding the city, we can almost see the resemblance of a forest. We have the tall structures that give us cover like the trees would. We have our houses and apartments that resemble the nests and caves of wildlife. By realizing this, we can see ourselves in nature and work to protect it.
In other examples, it is easier to see.
This image displays a home built directly into the hillside. This, I believe is one of the most unobtrusive pieces of modern architecture ever seen. Are we to view this as not being beautiful even though its very nature is respecting the environment in which it is found?

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