Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog 3 - Emerson

I am caught thinking about Emerson and how he sought to view nature. Through his discourse in Nature, we find that Emerson sees humanity (in his time) as accepting the way nature was seen by their forefathers instead of taking it upon them to experience it directly for themselves. It is interesting because of all of the scientific view of nature that about today that Emerson revels on the involvement of God. Emerson talk, in his introduction, about the role each person plays. Since we are all of divine creation, we all hold a key to unlocking something about the universe. This view of everyone as parts of a whole is a very romantic notion but one that I feel myself drawn to because of the sense of wholeness it brings. Emerson maintains that science has a role in presenting the concepts and theories behind nature but it falls to man and their collective presence to find the deeper truth about the concept. This view allows a much more symbiotic view of the role of science, religion, and man in appreciating nature appropriately.

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