Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog 5--Walking..well running.

Ahh Cross Country...the worst pictures ever taken.  This past week and the week coming up have been filled with beautiful weather.  First off I am shocked at this weather change, but excited because I don't have to haul a huge jacket around school.  This weather makes me get outside and I have mentioned I run cross country and running is just something I have to do..ugh.  When its in the teens and twenties I usually go out and run, but sometimes I make an excuse not too haha. This 50s weather however really gives me no excuse to not get out and run.  It really is super nice to wear a long sleeve and shorts, put in the Ipod and go.  I usually take in the beauty of nature when I am running, however it is hard when I live in a city and a lot of what I see is traffic, buildings and street signs.  Sometimes I drive somewhere to run where it is more rural and I can go in the trails and do a workout.  Nature is really a beautiful thing and I do appreciate it more when I run.  It feels like I am one with nature when I get out there.  I feel like Thoreau, being one with nature and living with it...only if its for 30 mins to an hour. 

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