Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hater to Appreciater

When I came to Thomas More as a freshman I had an interest in art. I spent the majority of my high school classes doodling on my homework and book covers. But if you put me in an art museum after seeing 3 or more paintings of Madonna and Child I would have already been tearing my hair out. Because although I had an interest in art, I had no real history or knowledge of it so I couldn't appreciate it properly. This reminds me of Carlson's theory about how to have a proper aesthetic experience. I couldn't have that experience because I didn't care, and I didn't care because I didn't know. After going to college and majoring in art I've sat through long tedious Art History classes. I hated these classes at first, because I had no real knowledge of art to even build on, just a knack for it. Now after failing Art History the first time, and really engaging in the class the second time around, I have an involuntary love for just about any kind of art. 4 years ago I would walk into an art museum and in about 5 minutes be running for the door. However after learning about the artists that created the paintings I've studied, their lives and the concepts behind their work, after hearing lectures on the process to arrive at such art works I have a true understanding and appreciation for art which really enables me to have the "proper" aesthetic experience.

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