Wednesday, February 29, 2012


To me, Louisville, Ky is very aesthetically pleasing.  This is where I'm from so that might be a reason I am so drawn to the city and the beautiful skyline and waterfront park.  The skyline picture was taken from Indiana side and shows the views of downtown's large buildings.  At night time is the best time to be downtown, simply because the lights are amazing.  Louisville has a buzz about downtown and looking at the skyline at night you can see for yourself.  Waterfront park is one of the best places in Louisville.  Located next to downtown on the Ohio river, it is a great place to go chill.  The great lawn has many great events to attend to.  They have many concerts, firework shows, etc here.  One of the biggest firework displays in the country happens here.  The park next to the waterfront has a trail to walk around and admire the beautiful nature.

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