Sunday, February 26, 2012

My backyard

The guest speaker on Friday showed us that the most picturesque landscape may not be the most environmentally friendly by showing us the image of the cornfield with brilliant yellows and intense blues in comparison with the permaculture which looked like a messy, woven green landscape.

This really hit home with me because my backyard may not be the most picturesque but it is definitely one of the healthiest. While we dont garden to produce crops, all of our gardening is done with the whole yard in mind. We dont have symmetric flower beds with pretty color patterns. Instead, our yard (in the summer) is an intense infusion of all different colors and shapes planted to maximize the plants' opportunity to flourish. Throughout the yard are compost piles to enrich the soil as well as home-made mulch around the trees. My favorite part of our yard is the willow tree that fell over in an ice storm a few years ago: my dad made the decision to keep the sideways tree as a part of the landscape. I think the tree is not only the most interesting feature of our yard, but now, having heard Penny's talk, leaving the tree there allows out yard to function more similarly to a natural environment. This is good for the overall health of our backyard.

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