Monday, April 30, 2012


At this time of the semester, many of us stop appreciating the work and start appreciating the time invested. We look back and think not of what we've learned, but of what we've done and the amount of studying, the time we put into papers, homework, and also making time for a social life and work. It isn't always fun and is more often than not the most time consuming part of the year when the semester is coming to an end. We slowly grow to appreciate the professors, our friends and family, and most importantly ourselves. This goes along with Saito and Carlson's view of education. The more we become educated, the more we can stand back and look at the world and what it has to offer. During summer, we're giving the time to not need to focus on classes but focus more on having social lives, working, and growing as an individual. We have the time and energy to sit back and relax and watch the world revolve around us because things seem to slow down in the summer surprisingly with the lack of things that need to get done. We can sit and listen to the "silence" or stop and smell the world around us and simply take a breather until the world comes to find us again in the fall.

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