Monday, April 30, 2012

A note to Langguth

Good job Prof. Langguth! It's not easy getting a class together on the first go. But overall I say the course did pretty well for itself. I was surprised about the amount of class participation involved and how well disscussion went over. This is probablly the first time i have seen a class start discussion by itself. The subject matter is dense to say the least, but it was possible to pull nuggets of information from the philosophers text. Besides interpreting the philosophers labyrinthian lexicon was the subject of half the discussion. While it the course is fine as it is, here is a few suggestions that might help improve it from a unprofessional student's perspective.

1) I mentioned this in class, but when an assigned readings reference an obscure but key ideology make a quick reference to the subject and the themes the author refers to in class. This allows a much easier read on the student's part

2) Random weekly awards for the blogs would greatly increase blog activity. And certianitly make posts more regular rather than pushing them towards the end. How to set up the award would be up to you. You could make the best blogs worth class credit or an arbitrary mention in class or in the comment section. The nature of the award could be anything from a simple: best blog, to more detailed ones like: most profound, most hilarious,  best picture, or best female lead.

3) A random hike would be cool. We could compare the sites and how different philosophers would view them  like Carlson would note the symbiotic nature between this mushroom and the surrounding plants, while Muir would insight positive aesthetics and call the mushroom intrinsically pleasing despite it's role in nature, etc.

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