Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grasses or Flowers?

The other day the question was brought up pertaining to what types of plant life should grow in Madonna Meadows. Colorful, attractive flowering species or dull, yet scientifically interesting grasses? It would seem that the average person would respond positively to flowers, however, to those with some scientific knowledge the grasses may prove to be more interesting. Although both options would be beneficial and could easily work with the space, I would propose that the chosen plants be more interactive and inviting for both us and the nearby animals.

Central Park in Union, Ky has a great example of an interactive area. In the park is a garden which has plants that appeal to all of the senses. There is Mimosa Pudica (which is also known as the sensitive plant because its leaves fold up when you touch it), Lambs Ear (whose leaves are incredibly soft), Pineapple Sage (which leaves the scent of pineapple on your fingertips if you touch it), certain vines (which form intricate patterns up sculptures), and many other unique species of plants. Also in another area of the park there is a butterfly garden filled with flowers which attract all types of butterflies.

Lambs Ear 
Mimosa Pudica 

Although admittedly I’m not entirely certain about the needs of these plants and if the space offers the correct conditions in terms of sunlight, soil, and water, I believe it would be beneficial to investigate the possibility. As students, faculty, and visitors are walking through the area it may enhance their aesthetic experience if they are involved in the surrounding natural environment.

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