Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog #12- Environmental Aesthetic Experience

I have to admit when I was sitting in the first class of the semester I was curious how we were going to talk about the aesthetics of nature for 16 weeks.  I had not a clue how much thought could be put into such a seemingly straightforward topic.  After attending class for 16 weeks and reading the excerpts from the two books and several articles my appreciation of nature has grown.  When I first sat down in class I thought that nature was nature and there was only one way to view it, but now I am educated on the many different view points one can have about the wilderness around us.
This class was very well put together for being the first go around.  I was impressed by the amount of class participation we had and how educated on nature's aesthetics everyone seems to have become.

Thanks for a great semester and a job well done Professor Langguth!

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