Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I envy my dog.

Discussing Sartre in class reminded me of a deep psychological issue I experience every time I enter my house. Particularly how much I wish i was a house pet. Let me explain. My dog, Macy, senses my presence while pull into the neighborhood, is at the window by the time I pull into the driveway. And appears at door by the time I open it. Usually in a supine position with belly exposed. But always with a smug look on it's face. Macy thinks that she is so freaking great with her laze-fare attitude, her lack of responsibilities.

She does nothing all day except sleep and look pretty and society praises her for it!

But the only position i can get whose job description is sit there and look pretty is a mental patient and super model. Im not pretty enough to be a supermodel, and apparently the loony bin does not take applications! Even if I was lucky enough to become a mental patient there is certainty the social stigma to be concerned about.

Sartre had something when we said that we are condemned to be free. While I have to consider what i'm going to do with my life and have the extra responsibly of constantly re-evaluating my choices to make sure i'm doing whats best for my well-being, society, loved ones, my financial situation, my moral values, my physical health, my social status, my future family and or children and thousands of variables that all humans have to consider. Just choosing between a ham sandwich or PB and J has an effect on all of these but I have to make an uninformed decision.

At least I have thumbs Macy! What do you think about that!?! (Macy wags her tail, she doesn't know what i'm saying, she is just happy i'm talking to her.)

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