Friday, April 27, 2012

Building Bridges to the Future

Bridges take people from point A to point B, whether it's literal, like going from Kentucky to Ohio, or figural, like going from the present to the future.  As a senior graduating from TMC, there have been multiple experiences, classes, and professors that have laid a board down to lead me to the future, piece by piece, and now I get to cross it.  The Environmental Aesthetics definitely contributed to that so-called bridge.  I have learned that we cannot go through life oblivious to nature, whether it's the sight of two doves together, the noise of a babbling creek, or the scent of Lily of the Valleys in the spring.  Our culture is so absorbed in technology and rushing around that we can't just stop to take a breath of fresh air after it rains or to find the Big Dipper in the night sky.  This class has strengthened my appreciation for the little things, like finding a rainbow, and at times, I have been able to apply the class's philosophies to further my understanding of the meaning of my life and my place in the world, as well as my responsibly to others.  Even if the 'others' is a flower, a honey bee, or a squirrel.  Everything we have learned has built little bridges in our minds that can lead to endless opportunities.  For myself, I have worked on research for a year and a half involving native and invasive plants, specifically the Bradford Pear tree.  The knowledge that I have obtained from many of my classes (EA included) has furthered my understanding for the importance of a balanced ecosystem.  Who knows where my next bridge will lead me?

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