Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog 3: My Country Home

When I was young I absolutely despised the question “Do you live in the city, suburbs, or country?” To which I hesitantly responded the country. My home is located on a small piece of my Grandpa’s farm. Like any farm we have corn fields, woods, barns, and lots of cows. Until I was in high school I hated the fact that I lived on a farm and dreamed of someday leaving for the suburbs. To me, the word ‘farm’ signified to the rest of the world that I was constantly outside doing dirty work, when in fact, I could not have been more of a girly-girl. I wore dresses nearly every day, I owned every Polly Pocket known to man, and I spent most of my time playing in a spare room appropriately named the Barbie House. So the traditional idea of a farm girl went against everything I was. All I wanted was to live in a common suburb house like the rest of the children in my class.
It wasn’t until high school when I truly began to appreciate the beautiful scenery that I had the privilege of waking up to everyday. Once, I had invited my friend over and her dad was coming to pick her up, but before she left she wanted to show him our horses. As we all stood by the fence, watching the horses run around the pasture, I began to explain to him why I didn’t like living on a farm, to which he simply said, “One day you’ll see how lucky you are to live here.” I didn’t believe him at the time, but looking back he could not have been more right. Now, I enjoy driving down the ridiculously long gravel driveway everyday to see my quaint house surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is these nearby landscapes that I enjoy the most. As cheesy as it sounds, my family will plan a walk and picnic through the woods in the spring. Or during the summer we will spend the day sauntering through the fields of clover. In the fall there are corn mazes to create, and of course in the winter we can always find the perfect hill for sledding.
Now the very thought of ever living in a subdivision makes me cringe. While I am sure there are positive aspects to both ways of living, I am definitely partial to the country. Today even though I would still never classify myself as your typical country girl, I cannot deny my love for the wide open, secluded spaces. I no longer take for granted the beauty of my surroundings and when asked I am proud to say I live in the country.

A piece of our long driveway

The horses' pasture

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