Friday, January 27, 2012

Hocking Hills #3

Over the summer I went to a small little place called Hocking Hills in Southeastern Ohio. It is well known for its remarkable scenery. They have one area that was different, where there was basically a split in the earth and in that split were numerous trails, waterfalls, creeks, caves, and rock formations. In some of the pictures I posted you can't really see how big these formations are, but trust me they are huge. It was an amazing place to explore and something that was very different to experience. I had a lot of fun and it created a calming sense to the trip just to be exploring nature as God created it. We also stayed in a cabin in the middle of no where which was also relaxing, not having to deal with other people, but just those that we brought along with us.

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  1. My Dad, my brother, and I really enjoy going to Hocking Hills. It's a very "picturesque" place with so many different forms carved out of the rock. We haven't gone in a while unfortunately, but I know some people who actually go to college there at Hocking College for equestrian-related studies though they have an archaeology program, too.