Friday, January 27, 2012

The farm

Even though I live in the suburbs of Colerain, OH, many people are still shocked to hear that there are numerous farms in the area. One of those lays in my backyard. My most fond memories of childhood lay here at my grandmother's home. In early fall as the leaves begin to fall, the pasture grass gets tall and turns brown, the world seems to slow down for just a few minutes. The noise of the busy street and the construction of building new homes seems to drown itself out when you're not paying attention. The horses come and greet you at the fence, and occasionally you find a goat with his/her head stuck from trying to each someone's flowers or bushes, but most days the animals are quiet. If you're lucky, some days you can catch the animals taking a break from grazing. They all lay at the top of the pasture on the hill together like there isn't a problem in the world that exists and life seems so simple at that moment. Even though most days are busy and I never stop to even take a minute for myself, when I go home I know exactly what I can do to just relax. Sometimes just a few seconds looking down at the farm is all it takes to make my day one hundred times better.

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