Thursday, January 26, 2012


Emerson had a piece of work, titled Society and Solitude, that examined society practically, being among people.  Similarly, he spoke of "solitude" and the sense of being alone or acting and thinking independently.  He said, "The necessity of solitude is deeper ... and is organic," and that we are ultimately alone and in solitude.  I often find solitude relaxing, enlightening, and much too transient in a time of phones, wi-fi, T.V, and Facebook.  I like to shut my mind off and only take in the beauty and wonder of nature.  The weather we have had recently might resemble the kind one would find in Les Misérables, but I, however, appreciate this time of the year.  Even though the tress are leafless and the grass is brown, these are simply dormant times where nature is hibernating, getting ready to renew itself.  To truly understand ones self, we must look within ourselves in solitude, just as nature is looking within herself, before awakening to a bright new day.  I often find this solitude in my grandmother's backyard, seen below.

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