Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delicate Arch (Week 3)

My family loves to travel. Traveling takes time though, and to have a proper vacation one is going to have to make some sacrifices. After all we had to leave behind our house, our own warm beds, our friends for a bit and  instead have a cramped camper, foreign beds, and touristy strangers, not to mention coming back with wallets empty. Our entire family, me included, are willing to sacrifice all that and bag of chips to explore nature and all she has to offer. Our longest vacation was just under a month long but I seen enough sites in that one vacation to write everyone's blogs this semester.
Anyway our trip "out west" was punctuated by many wonderful sites but Delicate Arch (in Arches National Park) was particularly memorable. Delicate Arch is Utah's most famous natural wonder and is even featured on their license plate. It is aptly named because one of the "legs" of the arch appears thin and frail. This fact concerns the people of Utah more every year, because it is becoming thinner and frailer. And this famous landscape brings in a lot of tourist dollars every year. But such is nature though. It doesn't know what it's doing, just sensily creating and destroying. And even if its an awesome arch, nature does not descriminate on beauty. It will destroy its picteresque wonders as well as its eye sores all the same to make way for anything new, for better or for worse. As Emerson points out in his essay "Nature" nature has no emotions, it simply does things, it simply does not care what we want her to keep.

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