Tuesday, January 31, 2012


View from the Bowl
 Reading about Thoreau and his obsession over taking a stroll (correction: ruminating and walking like a camel) I actually had a hard time trying to remember the last time I just took a walk. Ironically the last time I had an opportunity where I felt I would be less likely to be run over by a car was when I was still living in California. We lived off a dirt road that if you traveled down and then made a right turn you could walk up to the Ramona Bowl (which is the outdoor theater the town is known for). There are actual a couple of ways you can reach the top of the summit (some more adventurous then others), but it always proved to be very relaxing and I always enjoyed having an area to walk.
   I guess that goes more against what Thoreau wanted in life, but his sort of wild abandonment into wilderness I guess doesn't suit my more controlled personality. I mean, I feel like hiking could be fun, but I don't know where I would go and I don't find walking across the way to the Crestview Hills mall the sort of diverting, ruminating type of walk that Thoreau would have considered to be enlightening. Either way, walking would be a great way to experience the world and really view it more in an aesthetic light.


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