Thursday, January 26, 2012

IOWA!! Blog #3

When people hear Iowa, all they think of is cows mating and watching the corn grow...and that's a majority of the state.  However, every summer my family and I take a trip to a small town called Okoboji, and it is far from watching the corn grow.  My grandparents live here, and a large portion of my family is from Iowa.  This picture was taken at the amusement park called Arnold's Park.  This town is surrounded by a lake called Lake Okoboji, and it so much fun!  There is a ton of boating and fishing here, and ice fishing is huge in the winter.  In the winter there is a LOT of snow.. like 6 feet sometimes!  This place is peaceful, and I feel a sense of serenity when I am there.  I can't always stand Kentucky, I've lived here all my life and I love getting away.  Iowa is a 14 hour drive, but its worth it because I do love going there to see family and to spend time on the beach and swimming.  You can also walk around the lake, but in my instance I run because I am in cross country.  I run and like to think about what life is all about, like why is this lake in the middle of Iowa?  I also look at the beauty and it really takes me back.  I will stop at one of the bridges and look at the lake and wonder what life has in store for me.  It is also a different atmosphere, the people are so nice in Iowa and it's cleaner.  It really is funny how different people can be that are just a few hours away.  I really love it here and I would do anything to go now!  I do love this picture, the sky is so majestic looking and it looks so calm and peaceful, a place I'd definitely like to be in right now. 


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  2. I find that funny because anytime of think of Iowa I think of Iowa football and their country strong O-Lineman. Iowa has always been that place that I put in the category with Wisconsin of the pure country nothing really exciting but to hear this it really make me realize that I was so wrong in thinking that. The picture of the amusement park looks really cool it’s funny to think that most city people like myself always think of rural areas as boring and having nothing to offer. I agree with you a lot being from Cincinnati for most of my life it really wasn’t until I moved to Georgia for a little that I really appreciate nature and how soothing it can be. It’s something about being in wide open land that just for a second slows everything down and brings you back down to earth. I like that feeling of being free it’s not every day that I get it living in a city where there’s building after building store after store. However, 6 feet of snow WOW lol I don’t know if I’d ever be able to appreciate that beauty. I must admit that would be a sight to see I don’t think I can recall ever being in an area that even had nearly as much snow as that in its winter season. I may have to visit this place so I can also wonder why there is a lake in the middle of Iowa.